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Kamis, 12 Maret 2009



Akatsuki means "Dawn" and it is the name of a secret organization which consists of 9 S-ranked missing nin (including Orochimaru as a former member). their main objective is to collect the Bijuu and turn themselves as Jinchuuriki to rule the world. each Akatsuki member wears a ring, inscribed with the first kanji related to the nine mythical beasts in Japanese mythology, including the four Kyoto guardian gods (shijin).

Uchiha MadaraTobiUchiha Madara a.k.a. Tobi
Age : ?
Origin : Konohagakure
Ring : Gyoku (jewel) taken from Gyokunyo (virgin)
Ring position : Left thumb

surprisingly the least significant member of Akatsuki is actually the real leader. yet no one knows about this but Pain, Konan, Itachi, Kisame and Zetsu. finally Tobi admitted that he known formerly as Uchiha Madara, the founder of Uchiha clan whom people believed had died long time ago. Tobi told the truth to Sasuke about Konoha's top secret which involves his blood brother, Itachi. Sasuke was once hard to believe it, yet he decided to join Akatsuki with his team mates as Taka (Hawk). Tobi seems to have a secret mission about Sasuke.


Age : ?
Origin : Amegakure
Ring : Rei (zero, empty) from Byakko (white tiger)
Ring position : Right thumb

recently introduced in Chapter 363, finaly we got the look of whom we thought to be Akatsuki Leader. known as Pain, the guy with so many piercings on his face, is somehow not the real Akatsuki Leader. Pain is actually one of Jiraya's students from Amegakure. they are Nagato, Yahiko and Konan. Pain is either Yahiko or Nagato, because he has the hair of Yahiko with the Rin'negan eyes of Nagato. recently we found out that Pain has more than 6 different bodies. Jiraiya found out that the other fake bodies are all the ninja he defeated before. however Jiraiya died in the battle and could only left a death note for Konoha to discover who Pain really is.

Age : ?
Origin : Amegakure
Ring : Haku (white)
Ring position : Right mid finger

one and only girl member in Akatsuki *woots definitely the most beautiful member (because Deidara was a guy ^,^). She has blue hair with a rose accessory on it. she seems to be paired with the Pain on her duty. for your information, she also has a piercing on her bottom lip. she has ability to transform herself into pieces of paper-fold like butterflies. Konan is actually one of Jiraiya's students from Amegakure along with Nagato and Yahiko. They were the survivors from the war between Konohagakure and Amegakure, but Jiraiya decided to teach them ninjutsu so that they can bring peace in the future. unfortunately Jiraya's hope was not fulfilled.

ItachiItachiUchiha Itachi
Age : 21 (Jun 9) (deceased)
Origin : Konohagakure
Ring : Shu (scarlet) taken from Suzaku (red phoenix)
Ring position : Right ring finger

the big brother of Sasuke who has incredible records i.e. graduated from ninja academy at age 7, awakened the sharingan at age 8, passed chuunin exam at age 10, and led the ANBU at age 13. Itachi was the man who slaughtered his own clan in just one night, thus he's listed in Bingo book. however it was all set up by Konoha elders to prevent Uchiha's rebellion. Itachi took the guilty part to keep Konoha in peace, then he ran and lived as missing-nin. Itachi joined with Akatsuki to make sure that no one will lay hands on his lil bro, Sasuke. he even threatened Danzou that if he dares to hurt Sasuke, he will tell anything about Konoha to other hostile nations. Itachi indeed planned every details perfectly, how he planted hatred in Sasuke in order to make him strong enough to get the new power from him. how he put Sasuke in the end of line so that Orochimaru arose and he could kill him to release Sasuke from Orochimaru's seal. nevertheless, all his efforts to keep the peace on earth didn't go well since Sasuke decided to revenge Konoha for what they had done to his clan and his blood brother, by joining with Akatsuki.

KisameHoshigaki Kisame
Age : 32 (Mar 18)
Origin : Kirigakure
Ring : Nan (south) taken from Nanju (southern star)
Ring position : Left ring finger

together with Itachi, he came to Konoha to abduct Naruto. "same" in Kisame means "shark", as you can see, he has those shark gills on his cheeks. he uses a huge sword named Samehada which able to eat up chakra. he is one of the seven Kiri no Shinobigatana Nanajin Shu (so did Zabuza) who are famed with their unique swords. Kisame has the largest chakra amongst another members in Akatsuki. somehow, he seems to be fated with Gai. unfortunately, Gai doesn't seem to heed him as much as he expected ^o^

Age : ?
Origin : Kusagakure
Ring : Kai (boar) taken from Genbu (black tortoise)
Ring position : Right pinky

not much information about this mysterious-looking character. indeed he had already appeared in the end of Naruto and Sasuke fight in Part 1. he seems to work as a spy for Akatsuki, especially with his unique ability to merge with surrounding objects and a penetrating-sight which similar with byakugan. a very significant feature of Zetsu is the Venus flytrap which envelopes his head. and as the nature of Venus flytrap itself, Zetsu is a cannibal.

Age : 19 (May 5) (deceased)
Origin : Iwagakure
Ring : Sei (blue) taken from Seiryu (blue dragon)
Ring position : Right index finger

Deidara is a clay-craftsman and he has special mouths on the palm of each hands to manipulate clay. his skill is called Kibaku Nendo, he transforms clay into life animals (birds, spiders, etc) as vehicle and bombs. Deidara's fave frase is "Art is a Bang!", and he tends to end his sentence with "un" (as Naruto with his "dattebayo") Deidara and Sasori went to Sunagakure to abduct the 'one-tailed' Shukaku inside Gaara. eventually he defeated Gaara with a perfect cunning tactic and took him to Akatsuki's hideout. Naruto and Kakashi came to retrieve Gaara and Deidara ran from the battle after losing his right arm. however his destiny seems to be fated with Sasuke, he finally ended up his own life with self-destruct explosive.

Age : 22 (April 2) (permanently incapasitated)
Origin : Yugakure (Hidden Village of Hot Springs)
Ring : San (three) taken from Santai (three level)
Ring position : Left index finger

Hidan is introduced together with Kakuzu when they hunt the Nekomata (2-tailed bijuu) jinchuuriki named Yugito from Kumogakure. this dandy looking, loud mouth guy is said to have the slowest speed in Akatsuki, yet he's not to be underestimated. Hidan is proved as an immortal, he could stay alive even when he got his head off. Hidan is a follower of a deviated Buddhist sect called Jashin (wicked heart). this jutsu enabled him to kill his opponents by suicide, but he has to taste his opponent's blood beforehand. Hidan was 'killed' by Shikamaru who blowed his body and burried him in the private forest belongs to Nara clan so that no one could dig it up.

Age : 91 (Aug 15) (deceased)
Origin : Takigakure
Ring : Kita (north) taken from Hokutou (nothern star)
Ring position : Left middle finger

another odd looking member ^ ^" a very impatient, short-tempered guy. Kakuzu is the treasurer of Akatsuki, this side job provides funds to support Akatsuki financially. Kakuzu places money on top of everything else, he would do anything worth to make money like killing a high priced most wanted ninja. Kakuzu's jutsu is known recently that he has 4 other hearts in his body which makes him got 5 lives in one body. these hearts belonged to each black creature which attached on his back. he took those hearts from his opponents while they're still alive. Kakuzu finaly defeated by Naruto with his new jutsu, Rasen-Shuriken and killed by Kakashi.

SasoriSasoriAkasuna no Sasori (Sasori of The Red Sand)
Age : 35 (Nov 8) (deceased)
Origin : Sunagakure
Ring : Gyoku (jewel) taken from Gyokunyo (virgin)
Ring position : Left thumb

Sasori means Scorpion. he was known as the puppet army's genius model creator from the red sand and also the creator of Kankurou's puppets. he left his village over 20 years ago. his parents were killed by Konoha's White Fang (Kakashi's father) and Sasori attempted to revive them as puppets, but failed. Sasori used a puppet named Hiruko to disguise himself at first. he abducted and assassinated the 3rd Kazekage and turned him into his most deadly weapon. yet the most shocking fact is that he has turned his own body into puppet. after a long, exhausting, bloodshed fight with Sakura, assisted by Chiyo-baa, Sasori eventually died. but before he died he left a message to Sakura to meet his underling who've been spying on Orochimaru in Kusagakure.

OrochimaruOrochimaruEx-Member : Orochimaru
Age : 56 (Oct 27, deceased)
Origin : Otogakure
Ring : Sora (sky) taken from Kuuchin (the void)
Ring position : Left pinky

as evil as it could be which fitted with his name, he really has the look and character of a serpent. to fulfill his sordid ambition, he founded a hidden village, Otogakure, and collected deviate shinobi. Orochimaru is already a deviant since he was a youngster. secretly he abused Konoha shinobi as guinea pigs for his filthy experiment. then he ran from Konohagakure and joined Akatsuki. his true objection was to use Itachi as his next live-container, yet he found out Itachi is way too strong and frightening than he expects. thus he betrayed Akatsuki and chose a new object i.e. Itachi's lil brother, Sasuke.

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